Speed up Automated Testing with Cypress

Petros Plakogiannis

Quality Assurance Expert, Organizer of Ministry of Testing Athens and Ambassador of Cypress


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4th of December


45 minutes


After work




Remote Sessions

Tech Pitch Objectives

In our talk, we’ll explore how the tool Cypress can accelerate your skills in automated testing, just like an electrifying car race.

Our speaker will show you how adopting Cypress for automated testing can put your software development on the fast track to success. The choices you make today will have a direct impact on the quality, efficiency, and achievements of your software projects in the future.

Who Will Benefit from This Talk?

We have designed this talk to appeal to a diverse audience interested in enhancing their knowledge of automated testing and learn how Cypress can improve the efficiency and quality of their software projects. Moreover, it will appeal to the broader developer community, tech enthusiasts, and decision-makers interested in exploring this exciting and innovative tool.

So, prepare for a thrilling journey into “Speed Up Automated Testing with Cypress.” Together, we’ll not only uncover the potential of this tool but also create a story of success in software development. The future is calling, and we’re prepared to speed into it!

*Language of the Talk: English


– Introduction to automated testing with Cypress.


Time zone in Lisbon – GMT+1
December 04, 2023 | 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM


There are no prerequisites.

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Speed up Automated Testing with Cypress



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